Thursday, June 10, 2010

the MOFC

we work at a little place known as osage farms during the summers, which is where a number of our best stories come from. every year we dread the day that osage starts... strawberries... corn... cabbage OH MY! it's not osage itself that we don't like, it's the people, who we swear, the sight of produce makes them stupid. here is a common question: "what days are y'all open?"..."8am to 6pm, 7 days a week"... "oh, sunday too?"

ok... lets take a moment to think about this!


the last time I checked... sunday is one of the 7 days in a week, and while this may not seem so bad to you, you should get ask this question about a million times a day and you will find yourself wanting to seriously hurt the next person to wonder if sunday has been removed from the 7-day-week as we know it.

another thing that happens during the summers is that we watch a lot of movies and tv shows. when you work on a farm the last thing you want to do on your day off is something that will cause you exert any amount of energy. so we find ourselves at movie time video and i am not joking when i say that we have seen near every movie in that place.

we have been through many stages in our quest for a good show or movie to watch: HOUSE and The Office are among some of our favorites. we have a love for dry humor.

however, one of our most memorable stages was the dance stage... this was when we watched every dance movie known to man: dirty dancing, dirty dancing: havana nights, stomp the yard, you got served, save the last dance, step up (1 and 2) and others i'm sure we have forgot about. well, long story short.... we decided we needed to start a dance crew at the farm. the problem with this idea is that we can't dance! if you in any way doubt this, you should go here to see what we would look like trying to dance.
the name of our crew... MOFC (mini osage farming crew). randi may or may not have tried to learn how to break dance and ruthie may or may not have tried to learn how to shake her pom pom (whatever that is). we even had plans to bring the our mexican friends that we work with on this because carlos could possibly "drop it like it's hot".

in the long run the dance crew was never "made it big". however, the shrine still hangs in randi's room. maybe this summer. it's not impossible ;)

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