Monday, June 7, 2010

the human car wash

recently randi and i house sat for a friend of mine... this adventure included babysitting three dogs (oscar, bingo, and belay). belay is old and needed medicine, bingo didn't care if we were there or not and oscar? well oscar LOVED us! a little too much in our opinion. how can a small dog be so annoying? the first night oscar slept with us (we thought this would be fun)... WRONG! it was hot and oscar took the whole bed. randi couldn't sleep without her fan and despite my best efforts to "think cool thoughts" i was way to hot to sleep. we both agreed that the next night oscar would be banished to the living room.

oscar somehow won us over with his charms and we decided that he could sleep in the room with us, but NOT in the bed. that night = much less tragic. the rest of the week went well other than the fact that we could figure out how to work the shower in the master bathroom because it was like walking in to ha human size car wash.

really?... how do you work this?

ok, ok... so this is not exactly how it looked, but close and the fact is that we couldn't work it. sure there was another shower, but it didn't look near as fun. we named it the "normal people shower" and that is were we took our baths. i am sad to inform you that we NEVER figured out how to work the car wash.

On the top side of things we did make a delicious dinner one night :)

for the recipe... you can go here

and here

it was really yummy!

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