Tuesday, November 16, 2010

one of the kuzannaz is going to college

it has been a while... i am aware of this fact. the reason being is that not much has happened in our lives as of late. since i (ruthie) ceased working for osage and got a "real" job- there wasn't much to report on. this is indeed sad. sure over the summer there were some dramatic things; like the time a 30 year old mexican tried to kiss kuzanna randi and kuanna ruthie threatened to castrate him like an animal, but aside from that... blah. is our lives as an ever exciting duo over? we were beginning to wonder... until.

there is nothing like a road trip to create mass hilarium.

kuzanna randi is graduating and i (kuzanna ruthie) am having mixed emotions about her growing up and moving away. however reluctant i may be, i agreed to take her to visit whatever colleges she desired. first on the list: berry college in rome georgia and since we had no idea how to get there we in listed my dad's gps to help us out. the affectionately (sarcasm) named "sasha" (a.k.a, gps lady) decided to take us on the longest possible route through the backwoods of every part of georgia you never wanted to see. in case you wondered... NO! there was not a gas station in sight and... YES! we both had to pee. badly. it wasn't until cartersville georgia that we found what is possibly the shadiest gas station known to man.

we are firm FIRM believers in the "buddy system"... no man left behind. we sat in the car deciding how bad we really had to pee and if we held it how much damage it would cause to our bladders. it's amazing, but i swear my pee knew we had stopped and was now waiting no longer. so we had no choice... we had to go in! we walked in and found it... the sketchiest single bathroom ever; and by single i mean: one toilet, no stalls and no lock kind of bathroom. i was in front and when i walked in to the bathroom, kuaznna randi was right on my heels.

so there we were standing together in a single bathroom in the sketchiest place i have ever set foot in.

here is something you need to know about the kuzannaz... when we laugh, it's not silent. it's a loud belly laugh that can be heard from miles away. if i (kuzanna ruthie) ever get started- it's bad news because i can't stop which makes kuzanna randi laugh more. do i really need to tell you what happened next?

needless to say when we emerged from the sketchy bathroom, all eyes were on us. we walked swiftly to the car and are positive that we will never ever pee in a sketchy place again; and i am almost as positive that those people hope to never encounter the awkwardness that is the kuzannaz again!

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